5 Foods That Can Make Your Hair Fall Off Severe

5 Foods That Can Make Your Hair Fall Off Severe

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Who tried to want hair loss, surely if asked, no one would want to. People always dream of having healthy and strong hair especially for women.

However, sometimes we are unconscious people who make our own hair fall out. In fact, you have been diligently taking care of your hair, but the result is that you can't avoid hair loss.

Try to check your food, lest the food you consume can actually make your hair fall out every day. Here are some foods that secretly make your hair fall out more.

1. Fish exposed to mercury
Fish is one of the healthy foods for the body. But you have to be careful when choosing fish. Because fish that have been exposed to mercury can cause hair loss. This is because the fish contains a toxic substance called methylmercury which can cause baldness if it enters our body.

2. Aspartame artificial sweeteners
For you hair loss owners stop to drink soft drinks, this is because in soft drinks often found substances called aspartic acid.

Not only in soda, these artificial sweeteners are sometimes in foods that say sugar free. Although not so much research has stated that this makes your hair fall more, but this substance is believed to be the cause of your hair can fall out.

3. Food with excess oil
You must already know that foods fried in excessive oil can cause your body weight to increase and of course also not healthy for your body.

Likewise with your hair eating foods that contain excess oil can cause interference with your hormones that can make it unbalanced and can make hair fall out.

4. Foods containing high selenium
These types of food include tuna, white rice and beef. Selenium is actually needed by the body as an antioxidant. However, still everything that is excessive must be a bad thing.

If you consume this food excessively it can increase selenium in the blood. In fact, according to LiveStrong this will affect the hair and cause hair loss.

5. Fast food
Eating fast food is not healthy for your body. The saturated fat content in it can also disrupt your hair's health. This is because saturated fats can be made pores in your scalp become blocked.

If you want beautiful hair, try to avoid the food above, even if you can't avoid it, at least try to reduce it, before baldness attacks you.
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